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Welcome and thank you for visiting! I am so excited to say that the Kicksled Revolution has begun! The seacan arrived on Thursday, October 17 and was moved to its final destination a few days later... then lots of unloading and transporting and organizing and reloading of the awesome cargo!

Big shout out and gratitude to Marko Stefanovic of UPV Global and for helping coordinate logistics and for unloading the very heavy container off the highboy trailer (and for texting me when it was done!).

Thank you to John McNab, David Gendron, Philippe LeBlond, Adam Winters, John Dawson, Guin Lalena and Capital Towing for transportation, logistical, mechanical, heavy lifting and moral support.

Thank you to Eoin Sheridan from Cold Climate Innovation for the questions and nudge, Donna Moore from däna Näye Ventures for the business advice and how-to-put-receipts-in-envelopes training, Alastair Smith for unlocking some of the mysteries of Excel, Katharine Sandiford for wordsmithing and Chera Hunchuk for the lovely logos.

Thank you and much love to so many more of my friends, family and work colleagues for enduring years of me talking about the kicksled revolution and for advice, enthusiasm and support.


You can buy a kicksled on this website and be riding it the following Friday or Saturday. Once you place an order, I'll be in touch in the next couple of days to coordinate delivery or pickup. If you're ordering from outside Whitehorse give me a shout in advance so we can arrange how best to get it to you. I hope to keep deliveries and pickups to Fridays and Saturdays (because in addition to hustling kicksleds I have a kid and a job), but will do my best to accommodate your needs! Thank you for your patience and support!

Feedback on this website or suggestions for the revolution are welcome! Thank you!

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  • Todd Downie on

    Heard you on CBC tonight, a bell dinged and I’m thinking it will be a fun work out on a sunny day on our rails to trails – Kimberley to Cranbrook – . You’ve got me stoked and my dogs can’t wait.

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