KICKSLED - a vehicle for social change

Kicksled Revolution's first shipping container full of ESLA kicksleds and kicksparks arrived in the Yukon from Finland in October 2016. Anne Middler had been obsessed with kicksleds for many years, and wanted to make this awesome and elegant recreation and active transportation tool of pure joy accessible to people in Canada's north.

Since then, five more seacans filled with kicksleds and sparks have made the incredible journey to the Yukon, and the movement continues to build momentum. Now in our eighth winter, it is truly an honour to share the pure joy of kicksledding with Yukon people. We are fueled by the overwhelming positive response from people about how their kicksled has changed their outlook and relationship with winter.

Kicksled Revolution is a sole proprietor business registered in the Yukon, Canada. Anne has been talking about a Kicksled Revolution since she met her first kicksled in 2009, and continues to love kicksledding and introducing people to it.

Contact Anne to learn more and be part of evolving the Kicksled Revolution into a pan-northern social enterprise. Kicksleds can be part of climate change mitigation and adaptation, health promotion and suicide prevention strategies and action plans across Canada's north.

Kicksled Revolution envisions imported and locally built kicksleds in front of every home, office, and business - connected by smart trail networks - in every northern community. Kicksleds are a healthy, joyful and environmentally-friendly winter active transportation and recreation option for kids, youth, elders and everyone in between.

Feedback, ideas and help are welcome and appreciated!

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May all your trails be grit-free....

Thank you Cathie Archbould for the action shot (2012)!
Thank you Manu Keggenhoff for the Atlin Lake glamour shot (2020)!