join the kicksled revolution

KICKSLED REVOLUTION imports top quality birch wood and steel kicksleds from Finland to the Yukon for recreation and active transportation. Get around, get fit, and get happy in style on a kicksled.


THE KICKSLED SHOP in downtown Whitehorse - located on 5th Ave between Wood and Jarvis - is busy getting ready to open for the season. In the meantime, you can make an appointment to visit the shop and get a kicksled... call Anne at (867) 332-4979 to make it happen.


We are excited to have a shipment of kicksparks and kickspark maxes en route from Finland to round out our inventory for the KICKSLED REVOLUTION'S EIGHTH SEASON of bringing the pure joy of kicksledding to people in the Yukon.

Will this be the year you level up? Make your second kicksled a SPARK so you can kick off with a friend when they visit, and for yourself to have the option to experience the lightness, speed and new technique of a kickspark.

Stay tuned for more updates. Winter is coming.