join the kicksled revolution

KICKSLED REVOLUTION imports top quality birch wood and steel kicksleds from Finland to the Yukon for recreation and active transportation. Get around, get fit, and get happy in style on a kicksled.


THE COZY KICKSLED SHOP in downtown Whitehorse is located on 5th Ave between Wood and Jarvis Streets. Look for SISU the giant kicksled cargo van parked out front.





Wed.Feb21 (noon-6), Thurs.Feb22 (noon-6), FRIDAY HERITAGE DAY (noon-6pm) and Sat.Feb24 (11-4).

The week of February 26 will see the HQ closed a few days so Anne+Sisu can travel to Watson Lake for special kicksled deliveries and activities. Open again Saturday, March 2.

Feel free to call to arrange shop appointments outside regular hours.


Anne leads two ElderActive kicksled programs on Tuesdays: Kicksledding Together in the morning, and Kicksledding for Mobility and Stability in the afteroon at various locations around the Whitehorse area.

Visit ElderActive's event calendar to register. Call Anne or Acasea at ElderActive for more info.


Call Anne at (867) 332-4979 to chat about kicksleds and arrange a shop visit.


KICKSLED REVOLUTION'S YUKON HEADQUARTERS IS STOCKED WITH KICKSLEDS AND KICKSPARKS OF ALL SIZES AND COLOURS. Try out a kickspark or a T7 in the alley, and compare the handling with narrow v wide sliding runners. We've also got kicksled packs, skookum transferrable cupholders, and other fun accessories! Stop in for a postcard and some technique pointers during a free demo outside.


Will this be the year you level up? Make your second kicksled a SPARK so you can kick off with a friend when they visit, and for yourself to have the option to experience the lightness, speed and new technique of a kickspark.