Kicksled Revolution

ESLA T7 Extra-Large Kicksled

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This is the standard issue for taller adults - although there is a lot of cross over for the T6 and T7. If the rider is 5'7" or taller and the intention is to be pulled by a dog, standing upright may be preferable making the T7 a better choice. If they have a skateboarding background, some men over 6' who human power the kicksled prefer the feel and ride of the T6 standard. The choice between a T6 and T7 comes down to personal preference and how it will be used. Come try them both out to see which size you prefer! You never know: you might end up leaving the kicksled shop with a T8XXL!

  • Made of Finnish birch wood and galvanized spring steel.
  • Available in natural, blue, red and black.
  • Comes with plastic sliding runners and adjustable footrests.
  • Folds down for ease of storage and transport.

height: 92 cm  (36")     length: 200 cm  (79")     width: 42 cm  (16.5")

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