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ESLA Adventure Sled

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The new ESLA Adventure Sled is the next generation multi-use sports kicksled, and designed for dogs to pull.

The sporty new Adventure Sled combines elements of the traditional kicksled and the modern Kickspark Max. The design by ESLAin partnership with Kainpo was intentionally made with Nordic mushing in mind. 

The frame is made of lightweight aluminum, has an adjustable driving handle and a low-riding birch seat that gives the sled a lower center of gravity. With a dog or two, this is a very fast sled that can maneuver well on winding routes. 

This is the first ESLA kicksled designed with suspension for shock absorption and a smoother turning radius. This new feature can be turned off and locked for the classic rigid frame feeling. Locking and unlocking the suspension can be done on-the-go and without tools. 

The Adventure Sled can be folded down and locked into the folding position for easy transport. It can fit in a ski box.

Comes assembled with sliding runners and footrests. Check out the Adventure Sled at the Kicksled Shop!

Dogsledding Equipment Package:
Dog leash adapter
Dog leash
Leash mounting clips
Front dog safety hoop
Glide plate
Frame pad


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